Monday, July 18, 2011

Richard Dix, 1893-1949

TCM is marking what would be the 98th birthday of actor Red Skelton, but there are actually quite a few famous people who share a July 18th birthday. Among them is Richard Dix. I'm rather surprised at how many of Dix's movies I've blogged about, in part because he's one of the less-remembered actors from the 1930s. Dix got an Oscar nomination for Cimarron, but by the 1940s he was reduced to working in low-budget stuff like Ghost Ship and The Whistler. In fact, Dix's career actually started in the 1920s at Paramount, where he made several dozen silents, too many of which no longer exist.

In looking for a suitable picture of Dix to use for this post, I see that somebody started a fan site in his honor, although I should warn you that the site sadly looks as though it was created in the late 1990s, as everything is formatted in a way that gives the site a terribly unflattering appearance.

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