Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two more shorts

I probably should have mentioned Valiant Venezuela last night. It's airing at 10:30 AM today on TCM, and it's one of those Traveltalks shorts that's not available on DVD. As the title implies, James Fitzpatrick visits Venezuela as it was in 1939, which needless to say is a much different place than it is today. It's interesting that this was scheduled for today, since there's a presidential election coming up in Venezuela, although I doubt that's how it ended up on the schedule. I'm sure it has more to do with the fact that it's following The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. I'm pretty certain I've stated a number of times how much I enjoy Fitzpatrick's Technicolor looks into the past, regardless of how sugar-coated they may be.

Later today, a little after 5:50 PM on TCM, is The Cincinnati Kid Plays According to Hoyle. This is little more than a promo for MGM's film The Cincinnati Kid, which stars Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson as 1930s-era poker players. (TCM doesn't list The Cincinnati Kid as being on any time soon.) It's been a long time since I've seen the movie, and if memory serves Joan Blondell plays the dealer for the climactic poker match. It's a role for which she had to learn how to do professional-style card dealing, and that's more or less what this short discusses, however briefly. Joan and the real professional who taught her are the stars here.

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Anonymous said...

I was absolutely delighted to see Valiant Venezuela this morning. As a Venezuelan it struck a great sense of nostalgia. The commentary of James A. Fitzpatrick decribes the country with an elegance characteristic of American national pride. With the elections taking place tomorrow, it is a great reminder of the great legacy of Venezuela's founders, its role as a leader of modernity, and its capacity to remake itself. A great short! and I thought catching the last half hour of Robinson Crusoe was a cool enough.