Tuesday, December 18, 2012

August birthdays

TCM is spending the rest of this morning and afternoon honoring Myrna Loy, who was born August 2, 1905. The day finishes up with the documentary Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home To at 6:45 PM. TCM runs a lot of birthday tributes, so it seems a bit odd that they would run Loy's movies for an entire day in December. True, August is always given over to Summer Under the Stars, but there's no reason why TCM couldn't run 24 hours of movies on a star's August birthday, assuming of course that the star made enough movies to run for 24 hours. February, I could understand. That's the month for 31 Days of Oscar, so people who were born in February can't really have their birthdays honored properly, which is a shame for people like Ann Sheridan.

TCM's programming continues in an interesting vein tomorrow, with a morning and afternoon of movies starring Robert Mitchum. He's another enjoyable actor, but tomorrow isn't his birthday. In fact, he was born on... August 6, 1917. Go figure.

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