Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well, it is December

Now that we're into December, it means a bunch of Christmas movies all over TV. (One of the local radio stations switched to all-Christmas all the time back around Veterans' Day.) TCM is no exception, although this year is a bit different in that most of the Christmas stuff won't be coming until a lot closer to December 25.

Instead, TCM will be running Christmas double features every Sunday in prime time, leading into Silent Sunday Nights. This week sees the 1949 version of Little Women at 8:00 PM. Surprisingly, I haven't seen the Margaret O'Brien Word of Mouth piece where she talks about making that movie, including Elizabeth Taylor and the chipmunk she brought with her to the studio until she turned 18 (or at least, that's what O'Brien says). Considering that tomorrow night is going to be devoted first to Baby Peggy and then to other child stars, with the Private Screenings: Child Stars episode that includes O'Brien, I would think TCM would have run that particular O'Brien piece.

The second movie is All Mine to Give, which is airing at 10:15 PM.

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