Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Old Movie Blog

Yesterday, when I was looking for photos of Nacio Herb Brown, one of the photos was on a blog that hasn't been updated since last August. The blogger, however, had as part of his blogroll a blog calling itself Another Old Movie Blog. As of this writing, her latest post is a very good one on Resisting Enemy Interrogation, a training film made by the First Motion Picture Unit to try to show the devious techniques Nazis would use in their attempts to glean vital information from American POWs. There are a lot of Hollywood actors to watch out for.

I briefly mentioned Resisting Enemy Interrogation last Memorial Day weekend, and commented that it wasn't even available on Youtube. (Having been made by the government, it's in the public domain.) Jacqueline over at Another Old Movie Blog, however, kindly points out at the end of her post that it has now been posted to Youtube, something which only happened a few weeks after my post from last May.

At any rate, Jacqueline's blog is interesting, so I've added it to my blog roll.

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