Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Bounty again

TCM's prime time lineup tonight is both of the movies about Ensign Pulver: Mister Roberts at 8:00 PM, followed by Ensign Pulver at 10:15 PM. That's followed at 12:03 AM by a short the TCM schedule calls simply The Bounty, which the TCMDb's page lists as "Bounty/NY World's Fair".

I'm not 100% certain whether this is a different short from HMS Bounty Sails Again!, which I mentioned last November, but despite the TCMDb's odd naming style, I think they're two different shorts. Most notable is that there's a separate page for HMS Bounty Sails Again, although this one the TCMDb calls Tour of the Bounty. Secondly, TCM's schedule suggests that tonight's short is in color, while the IMDb page for HMS Bounty Sails Again says it's in black and white (the link to the TCMDb page for both shorts doesn't indicate whather they're in color or black and white). Further searching reveals a TCM Media Room video that's pretty clearly in color. I couldn't find anything on Youtube of HMS Bounty Sails Again! however.

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