Friday, May 2, 2008

TCM salutes Daphne du Maurier

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that it was the death anniversary of Daphne du Maurier. TCM doesn't do death anniversaries that I know of; just birthdays and tributes to people who recently died. Well, they also have one night salutes to all sorts of people, many of whom are long since dead, if only because these are people who were working 70 years ago or more. But TCM doesn't have any policy of honoring people on the anniversary of the day they died.

Anyhow, I notice that TCM is spending all of Saturday's prime time lineup presenting films based on the works of the aforementioned Daphne du Maurier:

Rebecca at 8:00 PM ET; this won the Best Picture Oscar for 1940 and is part of TCM's "The Essentials", presented by Robert Osborne and Rose McGowan;
Jamaica Inn 10:30 PM;
The Scapegoat at 12:15 AM Sunday;
Hungry Hill at 2:00 AM Sunday; and
The Birds at 3:45 AM Sunday.

I should point out here that I hadn't even heard of The Scapegoat or Hungry Hill before seeing them on the TCM schedule.

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