Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Billy Wilder night

Head shot of Billy Wilder,

TCM are showing a bunch of movies directed by Billy Wilder in prime time tonight, but what might be most interesting is the documentary that precedes the movies: Billy Wilder Speaks, at 6:45 PM ET. This programs revolves around a series of interviews that the filmmakers did with Wilder in the 1980s, both in English and Wilder's native German, interspersing the interviews with clips from a bunch of his famous movies. It's always nice to hear the moviemakers in their own words, and I usually enjoy programs like this as much as I enjoy the Private Screenings interviews, or the old The Men Who Made the Movies programs originally made back in the 1970s that show up on TCM from time to time.

For the record, the Wilder movies TCM is showing tonight are all from the 1950s:

Sunset Blvd., in which Gloria Swanson declares that she is big -- it's the pictures that got small -- at 8:00 PM;
Ace in the Hole, at 10:00 PM;
Sabrina, at midnight on Wednesday (that's still late Tuesday evening for people not in the Eastern Time Zone);
Witness For the Prosecution, at 2:00 AM Wednesday; and
Some Like It Hot, at 4:00 AM Wednesday.

(Please note that Some Like It Hot is listed as having a 121-minute running time, while TCM claim the first movie Wednesday morning begins at 6:00 AM ET. If you set your recording device to catch Some Like It Hot, add a few minutes to the end.)

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