Friday, December 5, 2008

The vagaries of birthdays

When I can't think of anything to write about, I go to IMDb and look to see if there's anybody with a birthday. Some days, there aren't many famous people; other days there are few. Today happens to be one of those days with a whole host of well-known names. We could start off with director Otto Preminger, born on this day in 1906. He received an Oscar nomination for one of the great movie mysteries, Laura, but also directed such horrible mistakes as Skidoo.

There's also director Michael Powell's screenwriting partner Emeric Pressburger, of movies such as 49th Parallel, he was born December 5, 1902.

Another director is Fritz Lang, born on this day in 1890; Lang is of course well known for M, and I've recommended another of his movies, Fury.

Finally, who could forget animator Walt Disney? Apparently, he drew a little mouse with oversized ears, and became famous for it. His birthday is December 5, 1901.

Fond birthday memories for all!

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