Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes were awarded last night

Would you believe I didn't even know that last night was the big show? To be honest, I don't watch any of these awards shows. Part of it is that I prefer classic movies that received their honors decades ago. Niagara was much more satisfying last night. But also, there are a lot of things about awards shows that I just don't like.

First is the fact that they're interminably long. There are always a bunch of pointless musical numbers -- or worse, dance numbers -- that serve no function other than to add time so they can put in more commercials. I remember reading several years ago that one of the awards shows gave most of the awards out in a previous ceremony, and were handing out just 12 of the awards in the broadcast.

Another thing I can't stand is the handling of the Oscars' "Parade of the Dead". As with TCM Remembers, it's quite fitting that they honor the people who will, sadly, no longer be with us. The problem is that the Academy seems to have no problem with its studio audience cheering in memory of certain of the dead people. When somebody like a cinematographer is shown, there is at most polite applause. But when somebody on the caliber of a Paul Newman shows up, there's much louder cheering. Not only is it really tacky -- it's disrespectful to the lesser-known people.

What do you hate about awards shows?

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