Friday, June 26, 2009

Apparently, some famous people died yesterday

By now, you've certainly heard that Farrah Fawcett died yesterday. She was much more known for her work on TV than in movies, although you can catch her in the underground car-race movie Cannonball Run.

If you haven't heard about Fawcett's death, it's probably because news outlets stopped covering it to report on the death of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson did do one or two movies as an actor; notable among these is The Wiz. But when I think of The Wiz, I think of Diana Ross; and when I think of Diana Ross, I find myself thinking about Mahogany. Of course, Michael Jackson had one degree of separation with a lot of famous actors: one of the other cast members of The Wiz is Lena Horne, while his song Thriller includes a famous narration segment with Vincent Price. Price, of course, appeared with a host of famous actors; I'd prefer to think of him with Olivia de Havilland in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.

You may wonder why I pay much less attention to Fawcett and Jackson when I did a more extensive post on Ed McMahon, who also didn't do very many movies. Truth be told, it's because I blog about the movies that interest me. I had been wanting to recommend The Incident for a long time. However, it's a Fox movie, and it doesn't seem to be in their current rotation. But, McMahon's death was the perfect time to mention such a wonderful movie. As for Fawcett and Jackson, they didn't do much in cinema that really interests me. Jackson appears on a lot of soundtracks, but lots of pop music gets used after the fact nowadays.

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