Thursday, November 26, 2009

The artist now to be known as Princess

Tonight is the final night of TCM's Star of the Month salute to Grace Kelly, as well as the American Thanksgiving holiday. So, to make my post suitably brief for the holiday, I'll mention a short that concludes TCM's look at Kelly: The Wedding in Monaco, airing overnight tonight at 2:00 AM ET.

When Kelly left Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier, MGM got the rights to go places in Monaco where the other media couldn't, with the result being this half-hour color look at Kelly's move to Monaco in the run-up to her wedding, and the city-state as it was in the mid-1950s. There's no coverage of the actual wedding ceremony -- the Monegasque authorities wouldn't allow that -- and little if any comment from either the Prince or Princess themselves. Most, if not all, of the events are described by an off-screen narrator, in the best tradition of James A. FitzPatrick and his Traveltalks shorts.

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