Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another gratuitous photo thread

TCM is airing the movie Brute Force at 4:15 AM ET Monday (or overnight tonight, if you will). I've recommended the movie more than once, but both times failed to include a photo. I've had the picture of Hume Cronyn, stripped down to his undershirt and brandishing his truncheon, for some time, but for whatever reason have always neglected to use it here. Cronyn's character is a delightfully evil bastard, and one of the things that maked the movie so much fun to watch.

The other interesting thing about the movie is a calypso-singing prisoner. He's played by an actor who went by the name of Sir Lancelot, and is credited that way. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any good photos of him from Brute Force on the web anywhere, so have to post a more normal head shot of him instead. You may also have seen Sir Lancelot in the Val Lewton movie The Curse of the Cat People, where he plays Kent Smith's elegant-looking butler.

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