Saturday, July 3, 2010

Speaking of George Washington

I mentioned the short The Flag two years ago on Flag Day. As I mentioned, it stars Francis X. Bushman as General George Washington, who commissions Betsy Ross to create what would become the American flag. I pointed out at the time that it wasn't available on DVD; in fact, it seems as though it still hasn't made it to DVD anywhere. You'll have to catch one of the rare TCM showings, which includes tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM ET as part of a day of July 4-themed movies.

One thing I didn't mention two years ago is that there's also a subplot about a pregnant woman, and a young British soldier who crosses the lines in order to be able to see her. It's a rather silly addition to the story, but the movie as a whole is better worth watching for the historical value anyway, not the story. That is, for its place in film history, since the Betsy Ross story is apocryphal.

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