Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day and Fox's endless repeats

Today being Labor Day, the Fox Movie Channel is showing a 24-hour marathon of movies that at least shows some imagination, with the movies looking at working women in one form or another. The only problem is that, as with many of their marathons, they only pick a small number of their movies and show them multiple times over the course of the day. All About Eve only gets one airing, at 11:00 AM ET; but it's airing three times on Friday as part of the Fox Legacy series. All About Eve is preceded at 9:00 AM by The Turning Point -- and is also folowed by The Turning Point at 1:30 PM! And if you don't like the two airings of The Turning Point, you can always look for a movie with three airings: 9 to 5 shows up three times later in the evening.

FMC does seem to have changed one thing, though, for the better. In the past, they used to have a Saturday Night "Triple Play" feature in which they showed the same movie three times in a row. Part of the rationale for this, as I think I've mentioned in the past, is to allow people on the West Coast the opportunity to see the movie in what is prime time for them; repeating the prime time programming block is a strategy a lot of the smaller channels do as they don't have the resources to run a separate satellite feed for the west coast. But three airings of a two-hour movie isn't quite right. Now, they've replaced it with double features, aired twice. That is, Movie A follwed by Movie B, followed by Movie A and Movie B again. This looks more sensible to me, with a bit less in the way of repeats and being fairly reasonable for people in any time zone.

Now if only FMC could open up more of their library....

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