Friday, February 10, 2012

And the winner is...

...what's left of the Fox Movie Channel. As I mentioned yesterday, there was a discrepancy between what the box guide said was going to air this morning (The Man With One Red Shoe), and what FMC's website was going to air (Emperor of the North). In fact, it was Emperor of the North that aired. Not as if it will do you much good now, since the movie is long since over.

That having been said, it certainly can be important to check the listings. I think I've mentioned before that I usually download TCM's monthly schedule the last full week before the next month begins. So for this month, as an example, I would have downloaded the February 2012 schedule around Thursday, January 26 or Friday, January 27. TCM comes up with its schedules some time further in advance, but when they first put it up on their website it's a work in progress. That's one of the reasons why I try to avoid downloading the schedule until close to the time the next month begins. Even then, I can still get caught out. The printable schedule has Cheynne Autumn in the lineup tonight at 10:30 PM. However, TCM must have had a rights problem, because that's been replaced by The Big Sky. In this case, that's pretty much a certainty, since TCM's own online schedule has The Big Sky listed.

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