Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Still not on DVD

TCM's prime time lineup for New Year's night is heist movies of various types. There's a comedy to kick things off in the form of The Pink Panther at 8:00 PM, followed by a decidedly non-comic film in The Asphalt Jungle 10:00 PM. Both of those are available on DVD, though. The last movie of the night, Jack of Diamonds, is one that I blogged about back in December 2008, which I think is when Cotten was Star of the Month on TCM. (I really should keep a list of TCM's Stars of the Month.) I mentioned in the 2008 post that Jack of Diamonds was not available on DVD, and it still seems not to have gotten a DVD release.

Wednesday morning and afternoon are given over to movies about ghosts, mostly comedies and romances. I'm very surprised to see that A Guy Named Joe (7:30 AM) doesn't seem to be on DVD either, at least not in print. In this one, Spencer Tracy plays a World War II pilot in love with Irene Dunne who gets killed in action when his plane gets shot down. However, he returns as a ghost to help fellow pilot Van Johnson win Dunne's hand in romance. Worth seeing if you haven't seen it before. Frankly, I'm surprised this one hasn't gotten a release from the Warner Archive, or as one of those four-film sets focused on Spencer Tracy, seeing as it was released by MGM and would be in the Warner Bros. library now.

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