Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is it on DVD or not?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Make Mine Mink did get a DVD release in the UK, but doesn't seem ot have been released in the US. So it was to my surprise when I looked up today's TCM schedule and saw one of those "Buy DVD" icons next to Make Mine Mink. The thumbnail photo, and eventually the page for the DVD it linked to, looked suspiciously like one of the out-of-print DVDs on offer at Amazon, and a closer reading of the TCM Shop page led me to spot: "ON ORDER", followed by a JavaScript popup to give them your email address so they can tell you when it becomes avaialbe. Presumably, you could buy the DVD if only it were in stock! Or in other words, it's much the same situation as at Amazon.

And then there's tomorrow's airing of The Clock at 8:15 AM. There's no "Buy DVD" link next to this one, which really surprised me. And, sure enough, it's been released through the Warner Archive Collection. Although, to be honest, this is the sort of movie I'd have expected to end up on one of those four-film box sets you see mentioned between films on TCM, and a search of the TCM Shop didn't quickly reveal any such DVD. (The linked DVD was the first hit.) And, unforunately, these Warner Archive MODs are really more expensive than they ought to be.

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