Friday, May 16, 2014

Really smart people and the movies

I've mentioned several times in the past that I'm a fan of the quiz show Jeopardy!. For the past two weeks, they've been running the "Battle of the Decades", in honor of 30 years of the synidcated version which began in September 1984. They're down to the final three people, with the first half of the final airing yesterday, and the second half tonight (or afternoon in many parts of the midwest; check local listings).

Anyhow, I mention this because there were two interesting movie categories on last night's episode, with material that's a bit more difficult than normal. In the "Jeopardy!" round, there was a category on "Documentaries", with the following five clues:

$200: 2013's "20 Feet from Stardom" is about women in this musical profession
$400: "Religulous", featuring this atheistic host of HBO's "Real Time", has just a bit of an agenda
$600: Emily Stagg, S-T-A-G-G, is one of the stars of this 2002 film
$800: He directed "The Thin Blue Line" & the 2013 Donald Rumsfeld portrait "The Unknown Known"
$1000: "Harlan County, USA" from 1976 marched with striking coal miners in this state

I've actually blogged about the movie in the $600 clue before.

And then there was this "Final Jeopardy!" clue, in the category "The Academy Awards":

1 of the 2 movies in the last 30 years, one a drama & one a comedy, to win Oscars for Best Actor & Best Actress

If you want the correct responses, yesterday's game is here. Hover over the dollar amounts in the "Jeopardy!" and "Double Jeopardy!" rounds to see the correct responses; hover it over the category title in "Final Jeopardy!" to see the correct response and who got it right.

And before you brag about knowing all those documentaries and the "Final Jeopardy!" clue, how many of the clues in the other categories would you have gotten? ;-)

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