Monday, June 9, 2014

Judy Garland's birthday tomorrow

June 10 marks the 92d birth anniversary of actress Judy Garland, and unsurprisingly, TCM will be spending the morning and afternoon with her movies. The two shorts that are on the schedule also have her in them, and the shorts are to me the more interesting part of the schedule anyway.

The second of the two shorts is Bubbles, but I mention it first because I've mentioned it here in the blog previously. It comes on almost immediatley following Babes in Arms (11:45 AM, 96 min). Basically, it's a talent show except that it's the moonbeam children doing it, produced by the man in the moon. Or something like that, as it's all quite a bit odd. But watch for an 8-year-old Garland with her sisters, as part of the Gumm Sisters.

The Gumm Sisters show up in the even earlier Starlet Revue, which is on at about 9:33 AM, or just after Everybody Sing (8:00 AM, 91 min). I don't recall whether or not I've actually seen this one before, but it too is a revue of a bunch of children performing various songs and dances, with the Gumm Sisters doing one of the pieces. Judy would have been about seven here.

Fragments of Bubbles seem to be on Youtube, but I couldn't find anything for Starlet Revue.

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