Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ooh, a Traveltalks box set!

Courtesy of Rupert Pupkin (the blogger, not the kidnapper) comes news that the Warner Archive has released a 3-disk box set of 60 Traveltalks shorts. I love the old Traveltalks shorts, so this is one I'm actually thinking about purchasing. Except that it's a Warner Archive set, which means that it's a bit more pricey (list price $29.99) than most of the other DVDs I'd buy.

That having been said, the fact that the set is being released as Volume 1 means there's a possibility of a Volume 2 and a Volume 3. I'd have to look it up to see exactly how many shorts James FitzPatrick made, but I'm pretty certain it's in the low 200s, which definitely means enough shorts for three box sets and possibly enough for four.

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