Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The latest film festival audio story

The Gdynia Film Festival opened yesterday in Poland for a six-day run. Radio Poland's English service ran a report on the festival on yesterday's program, which I just got around to listening to today. They don't seem to have transcripts of their reports, just brief synopses. If you want to listen to the report, apparently you can listen live on that page by clicking the little speaker in the block below the headline. Alternatively, you can download the report directly; that's a 4.6 MB MP3 which should mean just under five minutes.

One of the films at the festival is Smolensk, about the plane crash that killed a large section of the Polish governing elite several years ago. It looks as though today's English-language program ran a report on that movie; you can download that report directly here (8.9 MB MP3, which should be nine minutes and change).

If you're actually interested in finding out more about Radio Poland's broadcasts yourself, they have a list of their podcasts. The "News from Poland" podcast at the top is the whole half-hour weekdaily broadcast; the "Society and Culture" podcast has many of the individual stories.

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