Monday, June 14, 2021

Back on FXM, week of June 14-20, 2021

I've pointed out on a whole bunch of occasions that FXM, and the Fox Movie Channel before that, seem to have a small number of movies that run in a heavy rotation for a moderate period of time, only for some of them to get put back in the vault after several months and a few more to get the same treatment. Looking at the FXM schedule, it looks like we've got a new batch, as I see two movies tomorrow that I don't think I've seen in ages, and one that started showing up a couple of weeks back that I haven't mentioned yet:

The block starts off at 8:20 AM with Carmen Jones, which I first mentioned 12 years ago, although that was a TCM airing. Based on Bizet's opera Carmen but set in a wartime parachute factory, this one stars Dorothy Dandridge in the Carmen role and Harry Belafonte Jr. as her doomed lover.
That's followed at 10:10 AM by Violent Saturday, about a town where everybody seems to have some sort of scandalous secret in the closet, with the exception of three men who come to rob the town's bank, or Amish farmer(!) Ernest Borgnine. That's another one that I first mentioned almost a dozen years ago for a TCM airing.
Finally, at 11:45 AM, you can see The River's Edge. Theif Ray Milland cons Anthony Quinn into taking him across the border to Mexico, with Quinn's wife Debra Paget following along.

Later in the week, Snow White and the Three Stooges, which I don't recall if I've seen before, shows up at 7:30 AM Thursday (June 17), and Two for the Road is on at 4:00 AM Friday (June 18).

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