Sunday, August 21, 2022

Constance Bennett Day, or, Briefs for August 22, 2022

I'm getting to the point where I've got more movies to blog about, some of which I watched a few weeks back not realizing they were going to be showing up in Summer Under the Stars. I don't know that I'm going to be blogging every single day again, but I think blogging is going to be a bit more frequent. However, I may be blogging about a few more movies that aren't on DVD, which I never liked to do since I didn't want to do posts on movies you'd have a hard time finding, unless they're coming up somewhere on TV. But I've got a lot of stuff on my DVR, and whenever we can get the house sold and move someplace else I'll probably wind up with a new DVR and lose all the stuff that's on the current one.

In any case, I noticed that Constance Bennett is TCM's star for tomorrow (August 22) in Summer Under the Stars. TCM is running several pre-Codes that I may or may not have seen. One that I know I did watch a few years back, having streamed it off my limited smartphone data plan, is Rockabye, at 1:30 PM. I thought I had written a draft post to put up at whatever point TCM decided to run it again, but apparently not.

Bennett plays a Broadway actress who has a tumultuous personal life, getting involved with a corrupt politician (Walter Pidgeon) that will cause her to lose custody of the child she was hoping to adopt. She's got a manager (Paul Lukas) who loves her, and a playwright trying to get a divorce (Joel McCrea) who writes a new play for her and falls in love with her. Which of the three men will she wind up with at the end of the film? Well, events in the movie conspire to make to choice obvious at the end. It's one of those pre-Codes that is strictly a programmer and not particularly memorable, although fans of early 30s movies will probably enjoy.

I actually watched Kelly's Heroes off of the DVR yesterday, since it was on TCM today as part of Clint Eastwood's day on TCM, but then I noticed the schedule conflict with Constance Bennett and decided to hold it back. Later in the week I've got a movie for Gilbert Roland and one for Vivien Leigh, along with a few things that are in fact on DVD that I've watched, so expect multiple more posts this week.

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