Thursday, April 18, 2024

Briefs for April 18, 2024

It looks like there were actually a couple of movies on FXM overnight that I haven't blogged about before, Kiss Me Goodbye followed by On the Sunny Side. I think I might have planned to record Kiss Me Goodbye on my old DVR the last time it was in the rotation, but never got around to it. Right now, YouTube TV's "Scheduled Recordings" section doesn't show another recording, so I'm not certain exactly when the blog posts on either of them are going to be.

OJ Simpson died last week, and his was a more famous obituary than a lot of the star types I post about for fairly obvious reasons. None of the Naked Gun movies seem to be streaming for free (well, with ads) anywhere, but when I checked on first hearing the news of Simpson's death a few days back, I noticed that The Cassandra Crossing is currently available on TubiTV.

Speaking of TubiTV, some time recently they added some channels and made it easier for those of use not signed in to scroll through the channels. The channels include the Cinevault channels that have a bunch of movies from the Columbia library, as well as a Warner Bros. classic channel. The couple of times I checked, movies that were about to show or where showing as I checked included White Heat and Jezebel, so yes, actual classics. And it seems to be at least the old "Turner library", if you will, in that after first writing this post I checked in again to see Dinner at Eight being shown, which is an MGM movie.

There's also a Universal Monsters channel that I've come across as part of the offering on both the Roku Channel app and Pluto TV, although the Roku Channel didn't seem to list it in the "movies" section. This one was also showing vintage stuff like Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, and one of the Invisible Man movies.

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