Saturday, June 15, 2013

At least there's a Traveltalks short I haven't mentioned before

Tonight's TCM Essential is The Palm Beach Story at 8:00 PM. I have of course blogged about thie movie before, and if you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the opportunity to watch it tonight. But of course there's no reason to do a full-length post on it since I've already done so. A good programming companion to The Palm Beach Story would be the 1941 Traveltalks short Glimpses of Florida, but that's not on the schedule, and doesn't seem to be on Youtube.

The Palm Beach Story is the opening for TCM ot run a night of Rudy Vallee movies. Or half a night, since the second half of Saturday nights is now TCM Underground. The second movie up, at 9:45 PM, is Gold Diggers in Paris, which has Vallee as a nightclub singer who gets mistaken for the head of a ballet company, bringing his dancers to Paris for a dance competition at the 1938 World's Fair in Paris. There's a Traveltalks short on the Paris Exposition called Paris on Parade, and I think there would be enough time following The Palm Beach Story to show it. However, it doesn't show up in the schedule, and it too isn't on Youtube. TCM will be showing the 1937 MGM two-reeler Carnival in Paris tomorrow, which apparently has a young Ann Rutherford being protected from the police by a janitor who puts her in a bunch of museum costumes.

So for those of you who like your Traveltalks shorts, you'll have to settle for the 1952 short Jasper National Park, showing the park in the Canadian Rockies as it was back in the early 1950s. I just wish the color on the Traveltalks prints were better, as the scenery of Jasper probably looked spectacular back then. It's showing up at 5:43 PM, just after Written on the Wind.

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