Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Celeste Holm

Celeste Holm in Gentleman's Agreement

No, Celeste Holm hasn't died. Instead, today is her birthday. IMDb lists her as being 91 years old; my almanac only has her at 89. Holm won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in the movie Gentleman's Agreement. Gregory Peck stars as the writer who takes on a job for a magazine to write a lengthy article about the daily discrimination faced by Jews in post-World War II America; Holm plays a fashion writer at the magazine.

Holm was also nominated for an Oscar for playing Bette Davis' friend in All About Eve, and is the voice of the unseen Addie, who writes A Letter to Three Wives telling them that she's going to run away with one of their husbands. All three of these movies are available on DVD.

Celeste Holm is, according to her IMDb listing, still working; she's got a role in a movie listed as being in post-production.

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