Monday, April 28, 2008

More on those "troubled teens"

There's one major salient point I forgot to mention in my recent post on Hollywood and teens: the actors playing them are often closer to 30 than 20. I watched two of the movies today, Teen-Age Crime Wave at breakfast, and The Delinquents at lunch, and when I looked them up on IMDb, was not surprised to see just how old all the actors were. Humorously enough, one of the movies had a line from one of the "meanie" uncaring parents about one of the teens looking closer to 25!

Sadly, neither Teen-Age Crime Wave (Doesn't that sound like a hoot just from the title? In fact, it was a lot of fun, even if it was decidedly "B" material. One of the highlights had the three main characters, fugitives from justice, mentioned in a TV bulletin as being fugitives. The first two, relatively plain looking, had their booking shots shown. The third, a 26-year-old "teenager" who spent the entire movie wearing a tight bra designed to show off her chest, was shown not in her booking photo, but in a bathing suit!) and The Delinquents is available on DVD. However, The Delinquents was directed by Robert Altman, so perhaps someday somebody will get the wherewithal to do a box set on Altman and include this one. I had never seen either movie before, and could not recommend them sight unseen.

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