Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check your local listings

Tomorrow, July 16, marks the birth anniversary of Barbara Stanwyck. TCM are marking the occasion with three movies:

The Locked Door, in which Stanwyck sees her husband accidentally shoot a former boyfriend of hers, at 6:00 AM ET;
Remember the Night, in which thief Stanwyck falls in love with her prosecutor Fred MacMurray, ostensibly at 7:30 AM; and
Double Indemnity, in which MacMurray returns to help her kill her husband, scheduled for 9:00 AM.

However, it should be noted that those times may not be correct, despite what the schedule I printed out at the end of June says; what TCM's on-line schedule claims, and what the satellite box guide claims. The thing is Remember the Night has a run-time of 94 minutes, which means that it either ought to run in a one and three-quarter hour slot (7:15 AM to 9:00 AM); or, it will run several minutes over and Double Indemnity won't begin until about 9:05 AM ET. I would think the former is more plausible, because The Locked Door is listed as being 74 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to fit in a 6:00-7:15 time slot, with Remember the Night beginning at 7:15 AM (give or take a minute, since TCM has the what's coming up schedule and the intro music as interstitials between movies) and running until about 8:50 AM. (Note that Double Indemnity is listed as 108 minutes, meaning that even if it starts a few minutes late, it shouldn't run past the 11:00 time listed as the start for the next feature.)

One hopes that this does not cause any problems for TCM viewers.

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