Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perry Mason

I've mentioned the Perry Mason movies before. TCM is airing all six of them today, starting at 9:30 AM ET with The Case of the Howling Dog.

The movies are interesting enough as a B-movie series: nothing spectacular, but more than good enough entertainment. Warren William, who had been a bigger star at Warner Bros. back in the early 1930s, even being lent out to Columbia to make Lady For a Day plays Perry Mason here, a portrayal rather different from Raymond Burr's role. But then, the movies focus more on the detective work than on the law-room histrionics.

As I've also mentioned, The Case of the Curious Bride, airing at 11:00 AM ET, is interesting in that the murder victim is played by a young Errol Flynn, appearing very briefly.

I don't think any of the Perry Mason movies have made it to DVD yet, so this is your chance to watch them.

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