Friday, January 29, 2010

Cotton anniversary!

Today is the second anniversary of this humble little blog. The traditional anniversary gift is cotton, although apparently there's a new list of modern anniversary gifts, put out by some industry group no doubt, that says china is the new anniversary gift for a second anniversary. If it weren't for the spelling difference, the cotton anniversary would be a good day to post about Joseph Cotten. I also haven't seen The Cotton Club, so I can't really talk about that movie either.

There have been any number of movies set against the backdrop of either slavery or sharecroppers, which naturally have scenes of people picking cotton. Gone With the Wind would be an obvious candidate, while the early all-black musical Hallelujah! is another. Later movies deal with the textile industry, such as In the Heat of the Night, or Norma Rae. All of them are available on DVD, too.

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