Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love You Again

If you enjoy the comedy of William Powell and Myrna Loy, you'll certainly like I Love You Again, which TCM is showing at 6:00 AM ET tomorrow.

William Powell stars wealthy businessman Larry Wilson, on a transatlantic ship back to his wife in New York. He got to be rich by being an inveterate penny pincher, to the point that his wife (Myrna Loy) is thinking about filing for divorce when he gets back, not that he knows. And not that he's going to find out, anyhow: things are about to change for him when Doc Ryan (Frank McHugh) falls overboard. Larry jumps in to save Doc, but suffers a concussion in saving Doc. This results in amnesia which has several effects....

First, Larry is no longer Larry, but George Carey, a man who was a con artist who would do almost anything to bilk a buck out of people. Of course, he's come into a bunch of money (Larry's), but George doesn't know that he's married, or that the marriage is on the rocks. George, however, isn't a penny pincher like Larry was, and when George gets back to the States and finds out about the wife, he begins to fall in love with her. And, his new spendthrift ways are something that the missus could begin to love. The only problem is that the missus might not like a conman....

I Love You Again is in some ways reminiscent of Random Harvest, in that the main character gets amnesia twice, falling in love with the same woman both times. But the idea works much better as a straight up comedy, instead of the dreadfully melodramatic love story that Random Harvest is. It also helps that you've got William Powell and Myrna Loy doing the material. They worked amazingly well together and fit the stuff like a hand in a good glove.

I Love You Again has made it to DVD, as part of a box set of Powell/Loy films. Sure, that makes it more expensive. But than, you can't really go wrong with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

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