Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To the gal with the hoe

Jeanne Crain (1925-2003) in the conclduing scene to Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

Today marks what would have been the 85th birthday of actress Jeanne Crain, who died in 2003. Crain doesn't get too much love on TCM, largely because most of her movies were made over at Fox. I've recommmended quite a few of Crain's movies before, although I see that I've never actually included one of her photos yet. Leave Her to Heaven got two photos, but both of those were of the female lead, the wonderful Gene Tierney. Crain appears as Tierney's half-sister, who falls in love with Tierney's husband and who, because of her green thumb, gets called "the gal with the hoe".

Perhaps the high point of Crain's career came when she got a Best Actress nomination for Pinky, which I just mentioned a month ago.

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