Friday, May 14, 2010

What Price Hollywood again

I've briefly mentioned the 1932 movie What Price Hollywood? a couple of times before, most because of the fact that the story is pretty much the same story used in several versions of the A Star is Born movie. That is, a would-be actress (played here by Constance Bennett) meets a drunken director (Lowell Sherman). They fall in love, and her acting career takes off while his directing career goes down the tubes thanks to his heavy drinking.

In the past when I've mentioned it, it's been as a lead in to a discussion of A Star is Born, or some other movie about Hollywood. This time, it's nice to see that What Price Hollywood? is back on the TCM schedule again, overnight tonight at 12:15 AM ET. (That, of course, is still late Friday evening in the more westerly parts of the country.) It's part of a night of movies about people aspiring to become famous, and includes It Should Happen To You!, which aired last month and which I wrote about in detail back in February 2008. It Should Happen to You! airs at 9:30 PM.

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