Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lazy posting

By now, you probably know that the soccer World Cup is going on down in South Africa, with today's big game matching England against the United States. I think I mentioned during the European Championships two years ago that I'm a soccer fan; as a result I've been watching somewhat more of the World Cup than I have been paying attention to the movies on TCM.

To be fair, it's not as if TCM has had the most exciting programming lineup. Yesterday saw all those Jacques Cousteau programs, which are a bit of a controversial choice for TCM since they were originally produced for TV and not the big screen. Tonight brings a set of movies set in San Francisco, some of which I've already recommended. The night kicks off with this week's TCM Essential, the classic disaster movie San Francisco, at 8:00 PM ET. I don't particularly care for musicals, so I'm not very excited about The Flower Drum Song, which follows at 10:00 PM. Bullitt has the famous, but in my opinion overrated, car chase; that airs at 12:30 AM.

Getting back to the soccer, one thing that I found interesting about this morning's Argentina vs. Nigeria match was that the Nigerians made a substitution, putting in a player with the non-African sounding surname of Martins. Being a movie geek, my immediate thought was of course of Holly Martins.

But, I think the ultimate point of this posting is to say that if my blog posts over the next few weeks seem uninspired, it'll be because I've been much more involved in the drama of the World Cup.

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