Saturday, June 19, 2010

A post of thousands!

I notice that this marks my 1000th blog posting here. Happily, I have a nice tie-in with one of tonight's TCM movies, It's a Great Feeling, which shows up at 11:15 PM tonight. I mentioned it briefly back in January of 2009 as a movie that has a whole lot of cameos: according to the credits, actors Gary Cooper, Sydney Greenstreet, Patricia Neal, Danny Kaye, Jane Wyman, Eleanor Parker, and more, show up. (Note that I mentioned others back in the 2009 post, which I deliberately didn't repeat here. That's how many cameos there are.) Also, as I mentioned back in 2009, there are a few directors who get cameos, which is a nice thing, because they don't normally get on screen. Lesser-known David Butler directed the actual movie and does get a cameo, but a couple of more well-known directors also get cameos, such as King Vidor and Michael Curtiz. That having been said, I'll stand by my original assertion that the movie itself isn't that great.

It's also part of a night of Jack Carson movies, the man who just happened to be the subject of my first blog post back in January of 2008. I mentioned then that he was the perfect unctuous schmoozer, and that is pretty much the character he plays here, a director who tries to get anyone and everyone to star in his movie that will make Doris Day a star.

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