Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I can't predict the future

Five Star Final is airing again on TCM tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM ET. It's well worth watching, and as I've mentioned a couple of times, it's the original version of a movie that was remade a few years later starring Humphrey Bogart as One Fatal Hour.

I thought I might have done a full-length posting about Five Star Final, but haven't; instead, in looking through previous posts where I mentioned the movie, I found this fun quote from January 2009:

Bogart made another interesting B remake a few years earlier, known under the alternate titles of Two Against the World and One Fatal Hour. (The latter is the title under which it shows up, albeit rarely, on TCM.) It's a remake of a 1931 movie Five Star Final, which was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. (It should be mentioned that there were actually eight Best Picture nominees that year, compared to today's five. Obviously, Hollywood made better pictures then than now.)

How was I to know that the Academy was going to go back to selecting ten nominees for Best Picture in an attempt to make the awards show more relevant?

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