Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TCM Star of the Month: Fredric March

Now that we're in a new month, TCM has a new Star of the Month, two-time Oscar winner Fredric March. TCM is showing a bunch of his movies every Tuesday in prime time, actually continuing into Wednesday morning as there are about six movies a week. The first of those two Oscars was for the 1932 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and that happens to be kicking off the whole March festival tonight at 8:00 PM ET. (The second performance is in The Best Years of Our Lives, which is airing next Tuesday.)

As for tonight's offerings, I can't help but think that, in honor of Christine O'Donnell's Senate campaign, I find it interesting that I Married a Witch is airing tonight at 12:45 AM ET. I didn't intend to blog about it, since I thought it was available on DVD. Apparently it isn't, and at TCM's site it's one of the movies most requested for a DVD release. Basically, the story involves political candidate Fredric March getting involved with a witch (Veronica Lake) when he rescues her from a fire; funny complications ensue. (However, there's another less-seen movie coming up tomorrow that's going to get the full-length treatment.)

Also coming up as part of the March salute into tomorrow morning is Executive Suite, at 7:30 AM ET tomorrow morning.

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