Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh dear, Peter Lawford

I'm sorry to say I'm not that much of a fan of Peter Lawford. Maybe it's just that he doesn't come across as such a good actor to me. Or it could be his Rat Pack connections; I think I've mentioned several times before how I, having been born in 1972, don't care that much for the latter-day mythologizing of 50s and 60s icons such as the Rat Pack. Lawford was married to one of the Kennedys -- another connection to a 60s icon.

Worse, TCM is kicking off prime time with Good News, a fairly dire Freed Unit in which Lawford plays a college football player who falls in love with his French tutor (June Allyson). Lawford doesn't look like a college football player, and certainly doesn't sound like one. And the movie doesn't look any more like college than any other Hollywood depiction of college down the years.

It's a shame that the much better It Should Happen to You! is pushed back to 10:00 for stuff like Good News.

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