Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Somebody's been asking

I wish I knew how Blogger/Google's search statistics work, because some of them don't seem to be believable. Some of the top "search keywords" make sense in that they're full names or titles: "Eugene Pallette" or Portrait of Jennie, for example. But some of them are too-specific phrases to have multipler searches. Google claims one of the popular searches is "a stranger got off the train spencer tracy". Now, I can understand that someobody would remember a movie beginning with Spencer Tracy getting off of a train, but not being able to remember the title of the movie. But multiple searches using the exact same words? I'm not so sure. The movie in question is of course Bad Day At Black Rock, which I blogged about in June 2008, and for which I used a still of Tracy having gotten off the train.

Another popular search is "scene lee marvin throwing coffee". That scene is from The Big Heat, which I blogged about only a week before Bad Day at Black Rock. It turns out that that particular scene has made its way to Youtube, although you'll have to sit through a little over five minutes of build-up:

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