Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sharon Tate vs. Redd Foxx

I've mentioned both of these shorts briefly in the past, but TCM is airing two fun little shorts between movies in the prime time/overnight lineup. First, around 1:45 AM, just after Agent 8 3/4, TCM is showing All Eyes on Sharon Tate, which is a promo of sorts for her then-upcoming film Eye of the Devil. I finally got to see Eye of the Devil last summer, and I have to say that it wasn't all that good.

The night ends a little after 5:40 AM with Redd Foxx Becomes a Movie Star. When I mentioned this one back in May 2011, I commented that I hadn't seen it, but from the date and title it seemed it would be about his film Norman... Is That You?. Sure enough, it was. It's fun to see Foxx and Pearl Bailey doing their thing to promote the flim.

I've probably briefly mentioned this as well, but I always get a kick out of this particular type of short to promote a film, much more than I do out of the traditional trailers. These have a nostalgia value that the trailers just don't.

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