Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was looking forward to Sweepings last night. To be honest, I was underwhelmed. None of the characters are particularly sympathetic, or with the exception of the Lionel Barrymore character, well-developed. I can't really do a full-length post on it, as it doesn't appear to be available on DVD.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of shorts coming up. At least, not any shorts that I've seen and can blog about. None today and a couple tomorrow that look like Vitaphone Varieties from the early 1930s.

TCM has been spending the day with Tennessee Williams, although it doesn't seem to be his birthday. As for the Williamses, it is the birthday of Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, a career character actor who seems to have spent the last two decades of his life making western after western after western: close to 50 movies in the 1940s, of which a good 40 of them are westerns. Why couldn't TCM honor him?

TCM is honoring Yul Brynner tonight, even though it's not his birthday. Then again, a lot of the one-night prime-time salutes aren't birthday salutes. The first movie, Triple Cross, at 8:00 PM, sounds interesting. However, I'm also a hockey fan, and a couple of climactic Game Sevens in the Stanley Cup playoffs are being played tonight.

I see the original version of The Jazz Singer is on tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM on TCM, and one of Bette Davis' great on-screen rants shows up in In This Our Life at 9:30 AM tomorrow. I probably need to edit the original post, since I mis-named the movie as In This Our Lives. Kinda makes searching difficult.

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