Monday, April 2, 2012

Half a post

I couldn't recall whether I had done a full-length post on Sayonara before; it's airing tomorrow at noon on TCM as part of a birthday salute to Marlon Brando. It turns out that I gave a brief synopsis of the film back in April 2008, and pointed out how much I dislike Marlon Brando's performance in the film. Four years on, and I still stand by that statement.

That post also goes on to mention Brando's role as Marc Antony in Julius Caesar, which follows Sayonara at 2:30 PM tomorrow. I'm sure some of you love Marlon Brando, and will find his movies that TCM is showing tomorrow a nice treat. I'm sure you also know my opinion of Brando, too. Still, I thought that Sayonara was worth pointing out, since the story line involving Red Buttons and Miyoshi Umeki make up more or less for the one involving Brando.

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