Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TCM's Andy Griffith salute

Andy Griffith died two weeks ago, but TCM for whatever reason couldn't schedule its tribute to him a little closer to his death. It's finally coming tonight, with four films:

A Face in the Crowd at 8:00 PM, with Griffith as a yokel whose homespun popularism makes him a TV sensation, only for him to let power go to his head;
No Time for Sergeants at 10:15 PM, in which Griffith gets drafted into the Army and proceeds to make life hell for his commanding officers due to his incompetence;
Hearts of the West at 12:30 AM, in which Griffith helps writer Jeff Bridges become a star in 1930s Hollywood; and
Onionhead at 2;15 AM, in which Griffith joins the Coast Guard to try to avoid World War II.

The first three are available on DVD; Onionhead doesn't seem to be available.

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