Monday, July 23, 2012

There should have been a red herring

Jeopardy is airing tomorrow at noon on TCM. When I blogged about it last November, it was only a couple of hours before the airing, so you might not have gotten to see it, and this is a little more advance warning.

As I wrote in the original post, there's a dilapidated pier. You can probably see coming a mile away that part of the pier is going to collapse and hurt somebody. I think for once, I'd like to see a movie where there's something like a rotting pier that looks as though it should collapse, but never actually does, even if you have children constantly playing on it. Such a plot twist would at least make for something different.

I can think of some other classic movies that would be fun if they had such a plot twist, such as Second Chance. That would be a lot more interesting if the cable car simply continued on to its destination (with possibly the police picking up Jack Palance there).

Another movie, which I don't think I've recommended before, is The Window. (It's scheduled to be on TCM in September.) The various children play in a dilapidated tenement next door to where a lot of the action takes place. Eventually, the kid at the center of the story gets chased into that building by the bad guys, and you know part of the building is going to collapse.

And for once, I'd like to see a dud bomb in a James Bond picture, instead of one that Bond disarms with 007 seconds left on the timer. And if the bomber isn't going to be around, why put a countdowm timer on the bomb, anyhow? I suppose this illustrates Alfred Hitchcock's comments on the difference between horror and suspense.

Any classic movies that use a trope which turns out to be a red herring?

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