Sunday, November 18, 2012

The latest pair of repeats

Closing in on my fifth anniversary of blogging, trying to post at least once every day, means that sooner or later I'm going to hit the point where there's not much of interest to blog about on some given day. Well, there might be something interesting to watch on TV, but I'll already have blogged about it. I suppose I'm looking forward to Captain John Smith and Pocahontas at 10:00 PM tonight, since I'm not sure if I've seen it before. Then again, there are movies I thought I hadn't seen before, but look awfully familiar to me when I sit down to watch them, such as Fog Over Frisco earlier this week. On the bright side, nobody famous enough for me to do a blog post on has died recently.

Anna Christie is this week's TCM Import, overnight at 2:00 AM. It's technically not an import, as it was made in Hollywood. I knew I had done a post about Hollywood's making foreign-language versions of some of their movies during the dawn of the sound era, but I didn't realize until doing a search this morning that it was in fact this German-language version of Anna Christie (and the fact it showed up as the TCM Import!) that prompted me to write the original post.

If you want to see a short that I blogged about in the past, you could do a lot worse than to watch Winning Your Wings, which was the subject of a post for Memorial Day weekend earlier this year. It airs at approximately 1:40 PM, which is just after Queen Bee and just before Casablanca.

As for a short I haven't mentioned before, there's another new-to-me Traveltalks, that being 1937's India On Parade at 4:49 AM. I fail to see how you can capture all of India in a one-reel short, especially when back in 1937, British India included what is today Pakistan and Bangladesh. But then, this is James FitzPatrick we're talking about.

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