Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virginia Mayo birthday repeats

November 30 is the birth anniversary of actress Virginia Mayo, something I noticed when I looked for the direct link to the post I did on the movie Red Light: I noticed that the post was composed November 29, 2011 with the movie airing the morning of the 30th. I was looking for it since Red Light is airing again as part fo this year's TCM birthday salute to Mayo, at 2:30 PM, and still isn't available on DVD. In fact, five of the movies that are running as part of the 2012 salute. Considering the number of movies Mayo made that I think TCM has the rights to, I'd think they could do two tributes without repeating more than about one movie, assuming that somebody would want to show her most famous work. I can't for example blame TCM for wanting to show something famous like White Heat for her, or for James Cagney or director Raoul Walsh. And to be honest, I really did enjoy Red Light despite its gaping plot hole.

I'll actually be posting about another of Mayo's movies in the morning; this was really just a post to mention the airing of Red Light since it's not on DVD.

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