Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bob's Picks

Most months, TCM host Robert Osborne selects four movies that he thinks deserve another viewing. Tonight happens to be that night for July, and Bob has selected a couple of movies that I've already blogged about

Robert's first selection is The Reckless Moment, at 8:00 PM; I blogged about this movie last July.
That's followed by Trade Winds at 9:30 PM, which I don't think I've seen before. Fredric March chases Joan Bennett around the world since she's a murder suspect; apparently there's a lot of location shooting used for establishing shots.
Charles Boyer didn't make Algiers (11:15 PM) in Algiers, in which he plays the wanted French criminal Pepe Le Moko, who can only be arrested if he's lured out of the Casbah. Can gorgeous Hedy Lamarr get him to leave?
Comrade X is the only one of the four in print on DVD, courtesy of the Warner Archive. It's concluding Robert's night at 1:00 AM

After Comrade X is yet another version of the Madame X story, this time the 1937 version starring Gladys George. This one is also available from the Warner Archive, as part of a two-movie set with the 1929 version. I can't recall whether I've seen the 1937 version before, since there are so many similar movies.

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