Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunday Shorts

Back in June 2012, I blogged about The Case Against the 20% Federal Admissions Tax on Motion Picture Theatres. It's getting another airing on TCM tomorrow morning at 7:37 AM, or just after Rich, Young, and Pretty.

However, there's another short that I haven't blogged about before that shows up on Sunday: Cruise of the Zaca, at 1:39 PM just after Gidget. The Zaca was Errol Flynn's yacht, and he narrates as he takes the yacht to the South Pacific, with a bunch of oceanographers on board, showing us the animals of the ocean in that part of the world. Also showing up in this short are Errol's father (a marine biologist), ex-wife Nora (although this was made before the divorce), and Harold Hill, the archery master from The Adventures of Robin Hood.

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