Friday, August 22, 2014

Kingdom of the Saguenay

Back in 2012, I briefly mentioned the early 1960s short Kingdom of the Saguenay, and not having seen it before. It's on TCM again tomorow morning about 7:49 AM, just after Go Nkaed in the World (6:00 AM, 103 min)

Structurally, this is a lot like the old Traveltalks shorts from MGM, except that it was made at Warner Bros. and came about a decade after the Traveltalks series ended. The Saguenay, for those who don't know their geography, is a river in the northern edge of populated Quebec, a good ways north of the city of Québec and flowing eastward into the St. Lawrence well downstream from where the last of the bridges across the St. Lawrence are. The short itself starts in picturesque Québec City before getting on a boat and heading up the St. Lawrence to the Saguenay.

As with all the travel shorts, there's not much to it in some ways, but it turns out to be worth a watch. The color photography makes the fjord-like river look beautiful, making me at least wish I had the time and the money to go up there and take a cruise myself. So in that regard, the short is a success.

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